The Life Of Legendary Kevin Spacey


When Kevin Spacey was younger, he burnt down his sister’s tree-house. This led his parents to send him to military school.  Spacey attended military school for grades 10 and 11, but he was expelled after hitting a classmate with a tire.  After military school, Kevin Spacey attended Chatsworth High School in Los Angeles where he was selected class valedictorian.  Kevin Spacey played Captain von Trapp in his high school’s production of The Sound of Music. In 1996, when he was nominated for his first Oscar, his co-star from the show, Mare Winningham, sent him a telegram that read, “Captain von Trapp – congratulations on your nomination.”  In the late 1970s, Kevin Spacey unsuccessfully auditioned for The Gong Show. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he revealed that he was “pre-gonged” for his Johnny Carson impression. 

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