Maniac on Netflix: Jonah Hill and Emma Stone get weird, and it works

Right up front in the new Netflix’s show Maniac, someone says, ‘The only question that matters is, do you know what’s real?’ And that’s when things get weird.  Streaming now, the 10-episode series stars Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, last seen on screen together in the raucous teen comedy Superbad. Maniac is certainly very funny. But mostly it’s […]

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Know your visual effects lingo

Visual effects are everywhere in modern movies, from the wall-to-wall spectacle of fantasy blockbusters to the real-world dramas with FX you don’t even notice. Modern computer-generated (CG) movie magic is produced by visual effects companies around the globe, employing armies of animators and artists using specialised software to conjure ever more realistic shots. Like any […]

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